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URECC is a non-profit electric COOPERATIVE

Serving our members, not investors,
since 1937.


Affordable, Diversified, Reliable Energy

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The Extended  version of the new URECC newsletter is here.

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Youth Programs


Youth Tour to Washington DC

Prepaid Billing

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Take control
of your bill.

Paperless Billing


It's simple. It's secure.
It saves money!

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 The URECC SmartHub App
puts your account at your fingertips.

Monitor your usage.
Pay your bill.
Report an outage.
All through your phone app.

See below for details.

You can now access your account through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices.

"Alexa, pay my electric bill."


"Alexa, report an outage."



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Introducing two NEW features in SmartHub.
You can now manage notifications and how you'd like to receive them, and you can set thresholds for your power usage and receive messages when those thresholds are met and exceeded. Click on the links below for instructions and more information.  

Stay informed with SmartHub Communications

With the URECC SmartHub app YOU and ALL RESIDENTS IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD can receive the following information by email or text message: 

Press Releases - Official statements delivered to members and the news media.

Scam Notices  - Notifications that there are scam emails and fraudulent phone calls from entities attempting to access URECC members' financial accounts.   

Power Outage - Know if there is a power outage, even if you are not at home.

Power Outage Restored - Know when your power has been restored.

Usage Alert     - Receive a notification when your power usage reaches a threshold set by the member.

How to Manage Smarthub Notifications: First, open up your URECC Smarthub app and login. Once you’ve logged in, tap on the “More” tab (or the 3 dots.) Next select the settings option and then manage notifications.

From this page, you’ll be able to setup notifications for Billing, Service, Usage, & On Demand notifications such as press releases or planned outage notifications.”


-Monitor your usage.

-Pay your bill.

-Chat with a member service representative.

On the go and in control.
Manage your account 24/7.

Available for Iphone and Android

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Proudly serving East Texans for 85 years.

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