Family Time

Controlling Your Electric Bill

During the Covid-19 Outbreak

With schools and daycares closed, and many entire families being home all day we will use more electricity than we would during your normal work and school week. The lights will be on more, the thermostat will be adjusted differently, more laundry may be done, appliances will be used more, more hot water will be needed, and the refrigerator door will open and close more.

Keep your power usage in your control so no one is surprised with a large bill.

The following are some tips to flatten the curve on your electric bill.

Use the URECC Smarthub App - Monitor your power usage with the App daily to see when you are using the most power, then adjust usage where needed.

Avoid Peak Times - Power usage is charged by the kilowatt hour. Electricity is more expensive at times when the demand is high. These are considered PEAK HOURS. Peak hours are approximately 4pm-7pm. Try to cool or heat your home, charge your devices, use hot water, and other power intensive activities outside of these times. 


Change out all light bulbs to LED bulbs. LED bulbs do not put off heat and use a fraction of the electricity.

Open window shades or curtains to let in natural light instead of turning on the lights in the home.

Change your AC filter if needed. A dirty filter makes your AC unit work harder to cool your home.

Turn down your water heater temperature to the "WARM" setting, which is 120 degrees.

Shorten your showers. By simply reducing the lingering time by a few minutes can save hundreds of gallon of hot water per month for a family of four. Showers account for 2/3 of your water heating costs.

If you make a trip to Walmart, pick up a  low flow shower head or aeratorThese can drastically cut the use of water and the cost of heating water.

Cook your meals quickly in the microwave or outside on the grill instead of baking for lengths of time and heating up the kitchen with your oven.

Use appliances efficiently. Do only full loads when using your dishwasher and washer.


Do laundry in cold or warm water, cutting down the power used by your water heater.


Be sure and clean your clothes dryer’s lint trap after each use.

Turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms.


Unplug that spare refrigerator in the garage if you don’t really need it.


Turn off TV’s if no one is watching them.

Unplug electronics not in use.  Many electronics continue to use electricity even when they are switched “off”.

If you have a pool. reduce the operating time of your pool filter and automatic cleaning sweep to our to five hours a day and use only during off-peak times.


If you have a hot tub, adjust your thermostat. Even a couple of degrees will save energy.



Be aware of your power usage. If you are spending quality time in your home with your family you should be able to be comfortable, just BE CONSCIOUS of the power you are using. Keep your power bill in your control.