The following is an EMERGENCY ALERT
from Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative

Emergency Operations Procedure -
                                 Load Shed

Emergency-Alert-System copy.jpg

Due to extreme conditions there is currently an imbalance of production and demand on the greater electric system, with demand being higher than the possible rate of production of power at this time.  

In attempts to balance the greater electrical system and prevent extensive loss of power for our service area, URECC will begin 
rotating outages on a circuit basis of approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours per circuit in order to meet the load reduction requirements of the Southwest Power Pool (SPP).

*Priority will be given based on the Public Utility Commissions of Texas (PUCT) direction, and to support energy production first, community safety second, then individual needs where registered officially with the offices of URECC. 


Official updates and news will be available...
      sent via message through the URECC SmartHub App.   
      sent via text through the URECC SmartHub App.
      sent via email to the address listed on the member's account.
      posted below on this page. 

**During this time of Emergency Operations, please address all questions, concerns or other comments through the  “Live Chat” feature located on the URECC SmartHub app or the website.

To download the URECC SmartHub App and subscribe to text and email notifications please click on the link below for your appropriate platform for electronic devices.