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East Texas Leadership Camp

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ETREYS Delegate Application

2024 East Texas Rural Electric Youth Seminar


June 10-14, 2024
East Texas Baptist University, M
arshall, Texas


East Texas Rural Electric Youth Seminar (ETREYS) is a leadership and educational seminar for high school
youth, organized by East Texas Rural Electric Youth Seminars, Inc. ETREYS, Inc. and a group of non-profit electric
cooperatives, utilizing cooperative employees, volunteers, youth leaders, chaperones, speakers and other
professionals (collectively herein, “ETREYS Staff”). High School Youth are selected and invited by each of the
organizing Cooperatives to participate in ETREYS at no cost to the participant or “Delegate”. ETREYS, Inc., the
Cooperatives and all ETREYS Staff are collectively referred to in this “Agreement” as the “ETREYS Parties”.
To qualify for consideration as a Delegate, please provide the following information and sign the “Agreement
for Consideration” found at the end.

(Application and attachments must be submitted by March 28th.)

Applicant Information

Family/Guardian Information

School Information

Extracurricular Activities for School and Organizations

Letter of Recommendation

Please provide a letter of recommendation from a professional, non-family member, such as a teacher, principle, counselor, or pastor.  

You can upload either a JPEG/image or a PDF/document scan. Choose the appropriate button below.

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T-shirt Size

Please select your adult t-shirt size.

Use of Likeness Grant and Release

  In consideration for the opportunity to participate in ETREYS the undersigned “Applicant” and the undersigned parent/legal guardian(s) (herein, “Guardian”) for himself or herself and also on behalf of Applicant hereby consent to the ETREYS Parties capturing images or sound recordings in any form of Applicant in connection with Applicant’s possible participation in ETREYS. Further, Applicant and Guardian hereby assign and grant to the ETREYS Parties, as well as their authorized representatives, the right and permission to use any images or sound recordings of Applicant captured in any form by the ETREYS Parties or provided to the ETREYS Parties by Applicant or Guardian (collectively, “Likeness”). Applicant and Guardian also releases the ETREYS Parties, the affiliates of the Cooperatives and the respective directors, officers, representatives, members, agents and employees of the proceeding parties from any and all liability that may arise from the use or publication of Applicant’s Likeness in any form known or unknown. Applicant and Guardian further authorize the reproduction, sale, copyright, exhibit, broadcast, electronic storage, and/or distribution of said Likeness without limitation at the discretion of the ETREYS Parties, and specifically waive any right to any compensation they may have for any of the foregoing.

Thank you for submitting!

Applicant Photo

Please attach a recent, clear head shot photo for use in the student directory and for ETREYS promotions. This should be similar (or can be) photos taken for yearbook. Photo must be of high quality that can be reproduced in a magazine. Your photo may also be submitted digitally here: Please make sure your name is the name of the photo file.

Agreement for Consideration

In consideration for the opportunity to participate in ETREYS, Applicant and Guardian acknowledge and agree by their signatures below as follows:


•They have carefully read the “Use of Likeness Grant and Release” above, understand its contents and agree to its contents.


•They acknowledge that they have reviewed all of the information provided in this Application and certify that such information is true and correct.


•They consent to the ETREYS Parties review of the information contained in this Application and authorize the ETREYS Parties to confirm the information by any means determined by the ETREYS Parties.


•They understand that if any information in this Application is found to be inaccurate or misleading it may result in Applicant’s dismissal from participation in ETREYS if Applicant is selected to be a Delegate.


•In no way limiting the rights already granted to the ETREYS Parties in the “Use of Likeness Grant and Release” provision above, they consent to Applicant’s name and Likeness being published or used in connection with Applicant’s selection as an ETREYS Delegate, Applicant’s selections for an ETREY’S scholarship, or the promotion of ETREYS.


•They understand that any Applications that are not complete, completed inconsistent with the Application’s instructions or submitted after the Application deadline of MARCH 28, 2024 may not be considered


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