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Hecate Energy's
East Texas Solar Farm

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The Hecate solar farm lies at the northwest corner of the intersection of Highway259 and Highway 155. It is owned by  Hecate Energy. Power produced at the Hecate solar farm is sold to URECC as part of our energy portfolio, which currently includes power produced by solar, wind, hydro-electric dams, natural gas, and coal.

In 2016 URECC sent out member surveys. The collected data from the survey results stated that URECC members wanted URECC to include solar as part of our energy portfolio, but did not wish for URECC to spend the investment to build our own solar farm. The URECC Board of Directors and executive staff began inquiries following the survey to honor the members preferences with a solar farm. After many negotiations and possible projects, in 2020 URECC began negotiating with Hecate Energy, which builds solar farms nationally and internationally. 

  URECC secured the land at the intersection of State Highways 155 and 259 and Hecate began the building of the 3 megawatt solar farm. The project was completed in the summer of 2021. Although the 3 megawatt system is a very small portion of the power used by URECC members, the cost of power comes in at a much smaller percentage of the power bought wholesale from the other generation companies in the URECC energy portfolio.

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