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Electric cooperatives and electric companies across the State of Texas are now receiving the extremely high bills from power suppliers for the  2021 winter storm. As these bills are now due, to make the situation worse, natural gas price prices to produce power are at an all-time high, availability of supplies is limited, and inflation has sent the price of those supplies soaring. URECC has taken action to make the storm bills affordable by spreading the debt over an extended period of time and is taking every action to keep providing affordable, reliable electric energy consistent with sound economy, safety and quality management to our members and communities we serve. Please read the letter linked below and view our video message from the General Manager to see the impact of these topics will affect our cooperative and members.

Click on the link to read the official letter to URECC members originally published on October of 2021.

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A message from URECC General Manager, Rob Walker

Below are links to excerpts from the video above, "A Message from URECC General Manager".  These excerpts are edited into sections to answer questions to certain topics more easily.

Flexible Payment Planning
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