Spring Savings Tips

5 Tips for Springtime Savings

Let the Light In: Open your blinds or drapes during the day while the weather is still chilly. Letting the sunlight into your home creates a mini-greenhouse effect that will keep your heater from having to work as hard (the reverse is true in the summer, by the way – keep the blinds closed to ease the burden on your air conditioner).​

Make Your Windows Sparkle: Spring cleaning is a good time to think about washing your windows inside & out, which will maximize the sunlight your home gets. Change your air filters to reduce energy waste and help your HVAC run more efficiently.

Adjust your Ceiling Fans: Did you know ceiling fans can help reduce your energy use in both the summer (drawing the warm air upward) and winter (pushing warm air down)? Adjusting your clock for daylight savings time can be a good reminder to reverse the direction of the fan blades to get you ready for summer.

Head Outdoors: Take advantage of the longer evenings, when the daily temperatures are typically at their peak, to get outside – perhaps walking to dinner or riding your bicycle to run an errand instead of driving.

Get Garden-Ready: It might not be time to dig in the dirt just yet, but it isn’t too early to start thinking about what fruits and vegetables to plant this year. To get a jump-start, you can start your seeds indoors using in homemade containers before moving them outside later in the season.