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Announcement of member-funded charitable program

The Board of Directors of Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (URECC) recently voted to form URECF, Upshur Rural Electric Community Foundation.  The purpose of the Foundation will generally be to accumulate and disburse funds in support of charitable, scientific, religious, and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501 (c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, using a bill round up program.  The Foundation shall only disburse funds for charitable purposes in the counties in which Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation provides electric service, to benefit the communities we serve.  

Beginning in January 2024, URECC members will be able to opt-in to this program if they choose to have their bill rounded up to the next dollar amount.  By rounding up to the next dollar, each participating member generally may donate approximately $6 annually to the fund. Members may also make a one-time contribution for a specific amount, or they may set up a recurring fixed contribution amount per month.  The member contributions will be pooled and then allocated to a variety of worthy causes throughout URECC’s ten-county service area.  All proceeds will provide support for qualifying organizations within the communities that we serve, as determined by the URECF Board of Directors.  Applications for consideration will be taken on a periodic basis as funds accumulate and are considered by the URECF Board.

For less than $1 per month, you can help local organizations and communities address unmet needs.  URECC members have the power to change lives within our local communities.  Enrollment is simple from our Smarthub app or by contacting our Member Services department at 903-843-2536.  If you would like more information about how you can opt-in to this community-changing program, please visit our website at  With your donations, we can impact hundreds of lives, organizations, and communities across the URECC service area.

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