Eight lucky students, Hallie Allen, Alyssa Everett, Bethany Sims, Noel Fajardo, Jamar Byrd, Mallory Tate, Harley Watkins, & Livia Nolan,  from URECC's service territory, recently attended ETREYS or the East Texas Rural Electric Youth Seminar. 

URECC, along with eight other cooperatives in the northeast Texas area, participates in ETREYS. 


ETREYS is an all-expense-paid week-long leadership and motivational camp that was developed to promote Cooperative philosophy, ideas, and values among young high school students and help them develop leadership and team-building skills.  

This year's participants spent the week listening to inspirational speakers, learning about electric cooperatives, gained a little insight into what it takes to budget and manage their own finances, they also had a blast spending time in their small groups doing team-building activities and playing games. The biggest hits of the week were likely the two dances that started and finished out the week.

Noel Fajardo and Bethany Sims each earned a scholarship while at ETREYS and many of our other participants received various awards at the Scholarship Banquet held on the last night. 


We are so proud of the students that were selected to represent URECC at this year's camp. They are an incredibly bright and talented group of students and we are so excited to see what the future holds for them! 

Information for the 2023 ETREYS will be posted later this fall!