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Reports & Forms

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Applications and Information

 Attention members applying for new service: Recent escalations in applications for new service combined with the extended lead times for shipment of materials and right-of-way clearing have caused wait times for new construction to extend 6-8 weeks out, varying week-to-week. Additional crews from other projects are assisting with new construction in an effort to bring the wait time back to the typical 10-20 day wait period.  

Please note that before a new work order is placed in queue for construction and right-of-way clearing all paperwork and payments must be completed on the member’s side.  This includes applications, easements, and payment for aid-in-construction. Once the customer paperwork/payments are submitted, a work order is placed in line for work and will be completed in a first-in-line method in fairness to all members. URECC encourages members to get paperwork and payments completed earlier instead of later.

Also, all storm-related and subsequent outage repairs take priority at URECC. Often wet weather-related events also impact access and activity on private property. URECC appreciates everyone's patience.

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Spec Sheets and Guidelines for Electric Service and Meter Installations

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Solar and General Distribution

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Community Information and Applications

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