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Member Account Number(s): _____________________________________________





Record your account number (or numbers if you have more than one account) here so it will be handy in case you might have a question on your statement or in the event of a power outage. Outages may be reported through our Upshur Rural App or by calling the Outage Reporting numbers listed in the Contact information listed below.




With phone scams on the rise, please be aware that Upshur Rural will never call you requesting account or payment information. We have identification requirements that are put in place to protect you when you call in. If you receive a call from someone stating that they are an Upshur Rural Electric employee requesting information, please call one of our Member Service Representatives.




An application for membership may be downloaded off our website at www.urecc.coop/forms, you may contact a Member Service Representative and have an application mailed, faxed, or emailed to you, or you may come to our office at 1200 West Tyler Street in Gilmer, Texas.


Members may choose to have their bill automatically drafted on the bill's due date through their bank or financial institution. To sign up for this program, click on our SmartHub App (which can be downloaded here) and sign up (voided check not required for setup on the SmartHubApp). You can also fill out the "Bank Draft Form" and return it with a voided check. Bank Draft Forms may be found on the back of the stub portion of your bill and may also be downloaded off our website at urecc.coop/ reports-forms. Once downloaded, then select "Bank Draft Authorization".


Please note: Any billing generated prior to bank draft instructions being activated on an account will NOT draft. Once set up on bank draft, you will continue to receive your bill marked "Bank Drafted" at the regular time showing the exact amount and date of the draft.



Your bill for electric service is issued monthly and is due and payable at the Cooperative’s office on or before the due date, which is sixteen (16) days after issuance. Your bill for electric service will become delinquent if unpaid by the due date. The due date falls on a holiday or weekend, the due date for payment purposes shall be the next working day after the due date. If your bill is not paid by the due date, a Termination Notice will be sent to you at least ten (10) days before a stated date of disconnection. a five percent (5%) late payment fee will also be assessed if your bill is not paid by the due date. If the cutoff day falls on a weekend or holiday, the cutoff with be made on

the next working day.




Budget Billing helps Members budget for their electric bills by averaging their payments on a monthly basis. It helps absorb the highs and lows of summer and winter. More information regarding Budget Billing and the criteria for signing up can be downloaded on our web page at urecc.coop/reports-forms, then select "Budget Billing Application".



It is the aim of Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation to make reliable electric energy available to its member-owners at the lowest cost consistent with sound economy and good management. A complete copy of our By-Laws can be downloaded on our website at urecc.coop/reports-forms, then select "By-Laws".


Since Upshur Rural is a non-profit organization whose members are in essence the owners, any monies collected above what is necessary to operate the business may be returned to our members in the form of patronage capital credit. This benefit flows to a member-owner in the amount of energy that is used by each member-owner in that past return year instead of basing it on who has invested more in the company. The Board of Directors decides the percentage to refund taki

ng into consideration the possible fluctuation of the cost of power and the financial strength of the cooperative.



Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation, PO Box 70,1200 W.Tyler Street, Gilmer TX 75644


URECC SmartHub App:

The URECC App can be downloaded off our website or by searching for Upshur Rural in your app store. It is available for Apple, Android and web devices. It will connect you directly with SmartHub and will allow you to look up information, pay your bill and report an outage.


Contact Member Service:                      Report an Outage:

CHAT feature on the SmartHub App and at urecc.coop                                             -Directly to dispatch on the SmartHub App

                                                                                                                                             -By texting "OUT" to 855 939-3644

Email: memberservice@urecc.coop                                                                                (This will only work for members with ONE meter         

                                                                                                                                                associated with their account.)                                                                                                                                                                                  -Phone: 903 680·2100                800 804-1674

Phone: 903 843-2536

               800 259-2536

Automated Pay By Phone Number:

888 223-2056


Submitting Complaints to Cooperative: Member complaints must first be submitted to Cooperative personnel. A member complaint may be made in person at any of the Cooperative’s offices, by telephone, or in writing. However, if a member desires a written response to a complaint, then the complaint must be submitted in writing. Any official and authoritative Cooperative response to a complaint submitted in writing shall be approved by Cooperative management and shall be in letter form on Cooperative letterhead that will be mailed, faxed, or provided as a secure document via electronic means.


Board Consideration of Complaints: If a member is not satisfied by the Cooperative’s resolution or response to a complaint, then the member may submit the complaint in writing to the Board for consideration. The Board will only consider complaints that are submitted in writing.

If a member is not satisfied by the Cooperative’s resolution or response to a complaint, then the member may also present the complaint to the Board in person for consideration. In order to meet witht he Board regarding a complaint, a member must submit the complaint in writing to the Board and request a meeting with the Board. The Board may ask questions about the complaint but may choose not to deliberate the merits of the complaint or provide a response to the complaint during a meeting with a member.

The Board will provide a response to a complaint after the Board has had adequate time to investigate,

consider, and determine an appropriate response to the complaint.



Cooperatives are private, non-profit businesses governed by their member-owners. Two federal requirements for all co-ops are democratic governance and operation at cost.

Specifically, every member-owner can vote to choose local boards that oversee the co-op, and the co-op must, with a few exceptions, return to member-owners revenue above what is needed for operation. Under this structure, electric co-ops provide economic benefits to their local communities rather than distant stockholders.




If you are a residential member and cannot pay your entire bill, you may enter into a deferred payment plan if the Cooperative has not issued more than two termination notices on your account in the previous twelve {12) months. You should contact the Cooperative before the due date of the bill if you need a deferred payment agreement. Your service will not be cut off if you pay current bills and a reasonable amount of the outstanding bill and the balance in reasonable installments until the bill is paid. You will not be required to pay more than1/3 of the total deferred amount when entering into a deferred payment plan. If you do not meet the terms of a deferred payment plan, your service may be terminated after proper written notice.

If you contact the Cooperative to discuss your inability to pay a bill or request payment

assistance, the Cooperative must fully inform you of the availability and eligibility requirements of all alternative payment and payment assistance programs.





A. To secure payment of electric bills, the Cooperative may require applicants/members to provide deposits if applicant cannot show satisfactory credit. Generally, you do not have to pay a deposit if you can prove that:

       You have been a customer of any utility for the same kind of service within the last two years

       You are not delinquent in payment of any such utility service account

       You have had no more than two late payments during the last twelve (12) consecutive months of service

       You have never had service disconnected for nonpayment.

      *You also do not have to pay a deposit if you are 65 years of age or older and have no outstanding account balance with the

        Cooperative or another utility for the same service during the past two years.





B. Instead of paying an initial deposit, you may furnish the Cooperative a written guarantee sufficient to cover the amount of deposit you otherwise would have to pay by a cosigner. The amount of guarantee shall be clearly indicated on any documents or letters signed by the guarantor.

C. Initial deposits shall be equivalent to two (2) times the average billing or a minimum of $230.00.


D. During the first 12 months of service, or anytime thereafter, an additional deposit amount of up to two (2) times the highest bill in the previous months billings may be required due to any one of the following:

     *Member has paid late two or more times

     *Account has been disconnected for non-payment

     *An account has a payment returned due to insufficient funds

      An additional deposit may be required to be made within ten (10) days after issuance of written notice of termination and requested

      additional deposit.


E. The Cooperative shall pay interest on member deposits based on the average yield on

twenty-six (26) week Treasury Bills during the past twelve (12) months, as established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. The rate is set each December for the following year. Interest accrued during the year shall be paid monthly as a credit posted to the member's account. Interest is earned from the date of the deposit through the date the deposit is refunded.

F. Deposits are refunded upon disconnection of service and when members have paid twenty-four (24) consecutive residential, commercial or industrial billings without having service disconnected for non-payment of a bill and without having more than two occasions in which a bill was delinquent, and when the member is not delinquent in payment of current bill(s). The Cooperative will promptly refund the deposit and accrued interest in the form of credit to the member's account.


A member's electric service may be disconnected, after proper notice has been given for any of the following reasons:


  1. Failure to pay a delinquent account or failure to comply with the terms of a deferred agreement.

  2. Violation of the Cooperative's rules pertaining to the use of service in a manner which interferes with the service of others or the operation of non-standard equipment, if a reasonable attempt has been made to notify the member and the member is provided with a reasonable opportunity to remedy the situation.

  3. Failure to comply with a deposit or guarantee arrangement when required by the Cooperative's Member Policy.


If the Cooperative for any reason has disconnected service, it will be necessary for the member to contact the Cooperative and comply fully with the Cooperative's member policies before service will be reconnected.





A member's electric service may be disconnected, without notice, for the following reasons:


A   When a known dangerous condition exists for as long as the condition exists.

B. Tampering with the Cooperative's meter or equipment or by bypassing the same.


If the Cooperative for any reason has disconnected service, it will be necessary for the member to contact the Cooperative and comply fully with the Cooperative's member policies before service will be reconnected.



To discontinue service with Upshur Rural Electric, the member must call or come by our office. The following information is required:

A  The service address, meter number or account number

B. Two forms of personal identification

C  The date electric service should be discontinued

D. Your forwarding address


If there is a dispute between a member and the Cooperative regarding the amount due on a credit account for electric service, the Cooperative shall investigate the disputed amount and report the results to the member.

A member’s electric service shall not be discontinued for failure to pay a legitimate disputed amount, as determined by the Cooperative, until the Cooperative resolves the dispute; however, the member is still required

to pay any amount due on a credit account that is not in dispute.


Upshur Rural Electric participates in a unique program for Sophomore and Junior students. The East Texas Rural Electric Youth Seminar (ETREYS) gives students a chance to enhance their leadership and problem-solving skills in a positive learning environment while experiencing life on a college campus. While there, students have the opportunity to compete for scholarships.


Applications are available each spring to students with parents or guardians that are URECC members with active accounts. Deadline for applications to be submitted to our office is April 15. If April 15 falls on a weekend, applications will be due the following Monday. For more information, you may contact one of our Member Service representatives or visit our website at urecc.coop/etreys

TEC Youth Tour to Washington D.C.:

Each June, URECC sends 1 student on the Government-in-Action Youth Tour, sponsored by Texas Electric Cooperatives. The chosen student will join students from across the state on an all-expense-paid trip to the nation's capital. In Washington, tour participants get to see with their own eyes sights they may have only experienced in history books or on television. Applications are available at urecc.coop/youth-tour, and must be received by February 15. If the 15th falls on a weekend, applications will be due the following Monday. For more information, you may contact one of our Member Service representatives or visit our website at urecc.coop /




Meter Test Fee............................................................................... $50

Meter Tampering Fee.................................................................... $100 (increasing $50 with each subsequent occurrance)

Administrative Fee

Connect/Transfer - In Office........................................................ $25

Administration Fee -w/Trip.......................................................... $50

Trip Charge................................................................................... $50

Returned Item Fee....................................................................... $30

Lightning Arrestor........................................................................ $50


Portable generators are useful when temporary or remote electric power is needed, but they also can be hazardous. The primary hazards to avoid when using a generator are carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from the toxic engine exhaust, electric shock or electrocution, fire and burns.

-Know your generator! Read all the information on installation, safety and maintenance, and follow instructions regarding maintenance and testing. When a generator is not properly installed, it can "back feed" through the transformer and produce an output of 7,200 volts on the distribution line. As a result, a line crew working on the system would be put in danger.


-Isolate your generator from the Co-op's power lines. Connect appliances and other devices directly to the generator with the appropriate-sized cords. If you connect it directly to your building's wiring, a transfer, double-throw switch is required to separate your generator from the co-op's system.

-Take care when fueling your generator. Never try to refuel the unit while it is operating. Avoid spilling gasoline or other fuels on hot components.

-Provide adequate ventilation and air cooling for the generator to prevent overheating and the accumulation of toxic exhaust fumes. Do not install your generator in a basement or any closed area. Exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide, which is an odorless, invisible, poisonous gas.















Our lobby at 1200 W. Tyler Street in Gilmer is open from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. each day, Monday through Friday, for your convenience. Two of the URECC kiosks are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One is located to the left of our main entrance and the other is located in our drive-thru area and can be accessed from your vehicle. They will accept cash, debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) and electronic checks.


We are closed for the following holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Day Following, and Christmas Day.


Individual: (Require all 3) Full social security number, driver's license or state issued ID number, and date of birth. The social security number must be verified with either a credit check through Online Utility Exchange, or with a copy. The signature on the ID must match the signature on the membership application and must be returned to our office and approved before we release the connection.

Organization: Require the Federal ID number and Incorporation Date (if applicable). Also require ONE of the following: copy of the Articles of Incorporation, copy of Bylaws/Partnership Agreement or a notarized letter on official company letterhead from the CEO/President/Owner of the organization.


We require the full social security number, driver's license or state issued ID number and date of birth on the person that signs the document or letter that is provided as a request.




Make sure to call 811 before you dig. IT IS THE LAW. Your location may contain underground utility lines. Knowing where utility lines are buried before you begin digging can help you avoid injury, service outages, and repair costs. Call ahead of time so there is proper time to mark your utilities. Also, you should be aware of your own septic tanks and irrigation lines.

Call 811 and you will be routed to your local call center. Tell the operator where you will be digging, what type of work you will be doing, and when. Within just a few days, your local utility companies will visit your site and mark the location of any underground lines, free of charge. Each utility type is marked with a specific color: red for electric, yellow for natural gas, orange for telecommunications, blue for water and green for sewage.





Members may pay their bill using MoneyGram.


A member can request a test of the accuracy of their meter at no charge. However, if the member requests subsequent testing during a four year period and the meter is found to be within acceptable accuracy standards,

the Cooperative will charge the member a testing fee not to exceed $50.00 for a residential consumer.


Upshur Rural Electric makes every effort to provide members with reliable service at the lowest possible cost; however, there will be power outages due to circumstances beyond our control. If you experience an outage, please follow the steps below before reporting an outage:

  1. Check your fuses or breakers. If you have a partial outage, then the problem is probably with your own fuses, breakers or wiring and you may need to call an electrician.

  2. If all of your power is out, check with your neighbors to see if they have power.

  3. After you have determined there is an electrical power outage, report it immediately through one of the following:

                    Report an Outage:

                    Directly to dispatch on the SmartHub App

                    By texting "OUT" to 855 939-3644 (This will only work for members with ONE meter associated with their account.)

                    Phone: 903 680-2100

                                 800 804-1674

In an outage situation, it is very difficult to give you a timeline for service to be restored. The amount of time it takes to restore service is based solely on the amount of damage to our system. Please know that our employees are here and working around the clock in

very adverse conditions to restore service to all our members as quickly as possible.



Outages happen throughout the world and are unavoidable due to conditions like weather, disasters, overloading of the grid, and many other causes. Upshur Rural Electric wants you to be prepared in the event of an outage.

Listed below are a few basic things we encourage you to do when there is an anticipated outage:

**If you have a special needs person or someone with a medical necessity in your home, be sure to have a plan in place in case the outage becomes extended.**

*Charge your cell phone, extra batteries, and any needed electronic devices.

*Have flashlights or battery-powered lanterns available.

*Make sure flashlight and radio batteries are fresh (or have spares.)

*Keep a 3-5 day supply of drinking water and non-perishable food.

More outage preparation tips are available at urecc.coop/outage-preparation-tips



The steps to restoring power are as follows:

Step 1. Transmission towers and lines supply power to one or more transmission substations. These lines seldom fail, but they can be damaged by a hurricane or tornado. Tens of thousands of people could be served by one high-voltage transmission line, so if there is damage here it gets attention first.

Step 2. A cooperative may have several local distribution substations, each serving thousands of members. When a major outage occurs, the local distribution substations are checked next. A problem here could be caused by failure in the transmission system supplying the substation. If the problem can be corrected at the substation level, power may be restored to a large number of people.

Step 3. Main distribution supply lines are checked next if the problem cannot be isolated at the substation. These supply lines carry electricity away from the substation to a group of members, such as a town or housing development. When power is restored at this stage, all members served by this supply line could see the lights come on, as long as there is no problem farther down the line.

Step 4. The final supply lines, called tap lines, carry power to the utility poles or underground transformers outside houses or other buildings. Line crews fix the remaining outages based on restoring service to the greatest number of members.

Step 5. Sometimes, damage will occur on the service line between your house and the transformer on the nearby pole. This can explain why you have no power when your neighbor does. The cooperative needs to know you have an outage here, so a service crew can assess what is needed to repair it.



Outdoor lights are available to all members of the Cooperative. A list of sizes of lights and pricing is located in the member policies. The member policies can be downloaded on our website at urecc.coop/reports-forms.




Payments for your electric bill may be made in several ways. Please select the way that will ensure your bill is paid on time and is most convenient for you.

Online - You can pay through our App which can be downloaded off our website at urecc.coop or through the app store.

On the URECC SmartHub App - You can sign up through our SmartHubApp or a form is available on our website at urecc.coop. Pay directly from your bank account.


By Phone - Use our free and secure, automatic pay by phone system. Simply dial 888.223.2056 and follow instructions. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express or you can pay with an electronic check.


MoneyGram - Go to moneygram.com/billpaylocations to find the closest bill pay location to you. For faster posting, make sure to use the BLUE Express Payment Form and use receive code 15153. If you are paying at a form free location, use the Red MoneyGram phone.


By Mail - Use the envelope provided with your bill.


In Person (during business hours) - Our offices are located at 1200 W.Tyler Street in Gilmer. Our cashiers accept cash, money orders, or checks. Debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), cash or electronic checks may be used at any of our four kiosks. Two are located in the entrance to the lobby, one outside to the left of our main entrance and the fourth is located in our drive-thru area.





The Cooperative may make payment arrangements in which you pay an outstanding bill after its due date, but before the next bill is due for eligible accounts. Please call our automated secure payment line at 888-22  2056

to check for eligibility. Your service may be disconnected if you fail to meet the payment arrangements.



Our Power2Go Metering program allows members to "pay as you go'\ With this program, there is no deposit requirement, no late fees, no reconnect fees and no monthly bill.Power2Go gives the member control over their energy costs and budget. Contact a Member Service Representative for more information.


RATE SCHEDULES and riders:


Schedule ''A"................................................................Residential Service

Schedule "B"................................................................Small Commercial and General Service

Schedule "C"................................................................Commercial and Industrial Power Service

Schedule "LPI"..............................................................Large Power Service - Industrial

Schedule "OL"..............................................................Security Light

Schedule "SL"...............................................................Municipal Street Lighting

Rider "PCRF"................................................................Power Cost Recovery Factor

Schedule "C-1''.............................................................Contract Power Service

Generation Rider..........................................................Generation Rider

Schedule "PPA"............................................................Prepaid Residential Service

Schedule "PPB"............................................................Prepaid Small Commercial and General Service

Rider “REC”..................................................................Renewable Energy Credits Rider




The Member gives authorized agents of the Cooperative permission to enter upon the Member's premises at all reasonable times for any purpose incidental to the supplying of electric service, including maintenance, repairs, meter reading, removal or relocation of the meter, tree trimming and tree removal. The Cooperative requires access to all of its lines, facilities, and equipment during all reasonable times and at all times in cases of emergencies. A right of way easement form must be on file in our office before a service will be set.




Listed below are a few electrical safety tips-visit safeelectricity.org for more information.

*Qualified electricians should install and check wiring.

*Homes should be 100-amps; 200+-amps for homes heated by electricity.

*Electric appliances should have a three-prong plug.

*Keep cords away from water and heat.

*Never wrap cords around metal-keep them away from foot traffic.

*Weatherproof outdoor electrical outlets.

*Major electrical appliances should have their own circuits.

*Never use appliances when you are wet or on a wet surface.

*Never use electric tools/appliances outdoors if it is raining or wet.

*Use power tools with durable, grounded or double insulated cords.

*Never operate an electric lawn mower in wet grass.

*Teach your children to not fly kites near power lines.

*Never touch fallen power lines-they might be energized.

*Never enter an electrical substation.

*Never use any type of metal near power lines.

i:·Teach your family where the main fuse/circuit breaker is located.

*Inspect cords-do not use a damaged cord.

*Never pull a plug from a wall outlet by the cord. Unplug irons and heat appliances when not in use.

*Plug power tools or heavy appliances into wall outlets only.




Since the passage of HB3203 in 1999, Upshur Rural Electric has been able to fund scholarships for students in rural areas from unclaimed capital credit monies. Each year applications are mailed out to all school districts in our service area. The deadline for scholarship application submission will be April 15. If April 15 falls on a weekend, applications will be due the following Monday.

For more information, you may contact one of our Member Service Representatives or visit our website at urecc.coop/scholarships.




Upshur Rural Electric provides electric service to members in all or portions of the following ten counties: Upshur, Wood, Gregg, Harrison, Smith, Marion, Cass, Rusk, Morris and Camp. Our territory covers 2,180 square miles.




When you download our free URECC App, it takes you to SmartHub. The App is available to help you monitor your account. Some of the things you can do with our app is view or pay your bill, see your usage history and report an outage. You can also sign up for bank draft. It is available for Apple, Android and web devices simply search Upshur Rural when prompted. If you need more information or help in downloading the App, you can contact a Member Service Representative.



Spec sheets for different applications can be downloaded from our website at urecc.coop/reports-forms. Scroll down to the description of the spec sheet and click on the link of the document you need.




A complete copy of URECC member policies can be downloaded off our website at urecc.coop/reports-forms



TREE TRIMMING-Dead Tree Issues:


Contact our office regarding dead trees needing to be trimmed. If the dead tree/limb is near the:



                Service Line: We will trim limbs only or disconnect the service temporarily by dropping the line for the Member so they can

                                           be cut. The member is responsible to clean up any limbs/trees cut.

                Primary Line: We will send a serviceman to determine if the tree is a threat to the main service.


TREE TRIMMING - Right of Way Maintenance:


               Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative has no control over power outages caused by severe weather; however, the frequency and

               duration of outages can be limited through a vigilant right-of-way program.

               Tree trimming, and all phases of right-of-way maintenance, are essential to ensuring reliable electric service. This is particularly

               true in rural areas where trees and other vegetation are more dense. A major portion of electric interruptions are caused by

               momentary contact between power lines and tree limbs. Supplying safe and reliable electric service is a top priority, and our

               right-of-way maintenance program is vital in helping us meet that commitment to our Members. If you are planning to plant any

               trees, locate the power lines before any digging. Plant trees far enough away so they will not come in contact with the lines.






























For those members who qualify, special utility assistance programs are available. Thousands of dollars have been designated for distribution in our URECC service area. Listed below are the utility assistance providers in our service area. Please contact these providers directly to determine if you qualify for assistance on your electric bill.   

















































Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 2.57.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 3.48.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 3.16.46 PM.png

Community Services of Northeast


Camp County

Amy Perales


Phone: 903-856-5861

Fax: 903-856-3031

Marion County

Teresa Webb


Phone: 903-665-9198

Fax: 903-665-9845

Cass County

Olga Love


Phone: 903-756-5596

Fax: 903-756-7294

Ministerial Alliances Ore City ocmaorecity@gmail.com

PO Box 417

Ore City, TX 75683

Phone: 903-968-3050


Tues & Thurs 10am-12pm only

Harleton Area

Martha Clickard

Phone: 903-935-0626

Aaron Burwell





East Texas Veteran Resource Center

501 Pine Tree Rd Longview, TX 75604

Phone: 903-291-1155

Fax: 903-291-1033

Texas Adult Protective Services

Over 65 only

Phone: 903-757-0588 (Gregg Co.)

Greater East Texas Community Action Program

Gregg County

1121 Judson Rd, Suite 1445

Longview, TX 75601

Phone: 903-758-5674

Fax: 903-758-0970

Smith County

3148 Park Center Drive Tyler, TX 75701

Phone: 903-405-2900


Rusk County

621 East Main Street Henderson, TX 75653

Phone: 903-657-9472


Wood County

Shelia Dutton

212 E. Goode Street Quitman, TX 75783 sdutton@get-cap.org

Phone: 903-763-4511

Angel Network

Wendy Quinn

Phone: 903-297-9000

(Children under 18 with medical problems)

Tri Co Community Action

Upshur County

Beth Eubanks

Phone: 903-843-0604

Leticia Stafford lstafford@tccainc.org Phone: 903-843-0604

Fax: 903-843-3043

Harrison County

Tammy Luster Phone:

Phone: 903-934-9892

PATH Agency

For all counties

For appointments call: Phone: 903-617-7284

Monday- Thursday 8am-6pm

Salvation Army

(Gregg & Harrison Co)

southernusa.salvationarmy.org/texas- longview

Phone: 903-215-8463


Diana United Fund

Cindy Bickerdike dianaunitedfund@yahoo.com

PO Box 327,

Diana, TX 75640

Phone: 903-663-4040



204 Patrick Street

Mount Pleasant, TX 75455

Phone: 903-572-0973



Amanda Foust

Benefits Assistance Manager Phone:903-617-2044

Melina Gonzalez

Benefits Assistance Specialist

Phone: 903-707-0608

Mary Llyod

Benefits Assistance Specialis

Phone: 903-952-0404

LaTonia Sanders

Benefits Assistance Specialis

Phone: 936-707-2139


Velma Clay

Phone: 903-238-3583

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