Suspicious Call Alert to all Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative (URECC) Members: Recently some members have reported receiving suspicious calls from individuals identifying themselves as representatives of URECC. In these reported calls, the caller has attempted to obtain personal and/or payment data from the Member in the pretense of making a payment on the member’s account. Please be advised that you will NOT receive personal calls from Upshur Rural Employees trying to obtain your personal or payment data. We do make courtesy calls for various account status updates including past due accounts; however, these calls involve an automated recording and do not request personal or account information. Any time you are transacting business with URECC, a member can chose to make electronic payments over a telephone, but in those cases they would be transferred to a Secure Payments line and then only at the member’s request. If you have any questions or would like to report suspicious activity, please contact our Customer Care Department at 903-843-2536 or 800-259-2536