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Reporting an Outage

URECC members have options to report an outage.

How to report an outage

After major storm damage, or other major outages, co-op phone lines may be at maximum capacity, with hundreds or thousands of members calling all at once to report their outage. This may cause a caller to get a non stop busy signal or perpetual ringing. Following the steps below will save member efforts and insure that URECC has notification of your outage.

Text "OUT" to 855-939-3744

This will work ONLY for members with ONE meter associated with their account. If a member has more than one meter on their account. URECC will not be able to distinguish which location is experiencing an outage.


Mobile Device App - SmartHub

Download the URECC SmartHub App for Iphone or Android

at Itunes or the Google Play Store.


3. - SmartHub


903-680-2100 (Local)
1-866-804-1674 (Toll Free)


Upshur Rural Electric makes every effort to provide members with reliable service at the lowest possible cost; however, there will be power outages due to circumstances beyond our control. If you experience an outage, please follow the steps below before reporting an outage.


If all of your power is out, check with your neighbors to see if they have power.


If you have a partial outage, then the problem is probably with your own fuses, breakers or wiring and you may need to call an electrician.

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