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Annual Meeting

  Each year Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative holds an annual meeting. Not only is this a time to enjoy family entertainment, refreshments, receive member bags stuffed with surprises, and register to win some great electric prizes, this is the time of year members come together for the official business meeting of the co-op. During this meeting members  vote for candidates for the Board of Directors, are presented with official financials and plans for the future of the cooperative.

  Because of the health threats from Covid 19, the 2020 and 2021 Annual Meetings were presented virtually. The voting, prize registration, and questions were presented through the USPS mail. The official reports were sent out to members in a booklet, with a produced video of the Board of Directors and General Manager explaining the details of the reports in a produced video posted to the website.

   The virtual Annual Meetings fulfilled all legal obligations of requirements of an annual meeting of members, but could not compare to members and cooperative employees getting to socialize together as an organization for fellowship, entertainment, and to discuss the operations of URECC.

   We hope to return to live meetings in the future, if possible to do so with no health risks to our members or employees. 

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